Ryan Dowling | Art Director

Random Prom Song Boombox


Random Prom Song Boombox

The Random Prom Song Boombox is a wearable boombox that plays a random prom song whenever you press the button. Pretty simple. Also, I filled it with nothing but slow dance songs.

I made it for an agency holiday party because the theme was "Senior Prom." I used a Raspberry Pi, a Google AIY voice kit, two 3" computer speakers, and lots of foam core, tape, and glue. It all ran from a usb chord plugged into a portable battery that I kept in my back pocket. I designed the front to look like an old school boombox from the 80's that b-boys would use while they dance on the street and wore it from a giant cuban-link gold chain (pictured).

I had to learn command line so I could install the script, transfer the songs, and actually make it work. It was a really fun project and now I can change the music to fit any themed party in my future.

*The videos are hosted on YouTube and if they give me a copyright strike because of the music, let me know and I'll fix that.